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In the Company of Wolves

When the moon crests the hills giving each tree a black pool shadow - the wolves wade in the forest - wet themselves in the darkness - shake it from their fur - in clearings of light their eyes are stars - their teeth comets their tails galaxies - they are constellations of the night - they roam the universe

They run as Diana's companions - laugh as her silver arrows and their iron teeth harvest the hunt's bounty - they hide in her moon - cloud around her with breath

They are brave of soul - clear of eye and mind - they are strong of jaw - they are loyal-kind - they are keen to scent - quick to 'fend their kin - they are hot of blood - they are slow to sin

Grey-brown-white-black-blonde - ear,tail,paw,claw,tongue - they play as a pack and they melt together - so that one is part of all - and all become one

They prance through the forest - they track through the sky - they are noble in friendship - and single in thought - i join them in flight - i run in the company of wolves

by WolfBard (D. J. Sylvis)

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